Light and Sound Machines - Performance Projection

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Participants will cut and splice sonic compositions from existing sound film and create handmade optical sound. Handmade film techniques can be applied to create image to compliment or juxtapose the sound compositions. Participants will then develop ways of playing and interacting with the 16mm film projector - practicing projection manipulations and using devices which interfere with light and sound. At the end of the workshop participants will play solo or as group to unleash expanded projection and aural improvisations. Strips of sound film will be provided, however participants are encouraged to bring additional devices such as toy refracting lenses and pop filters.

Facilitated by Sally Golding

Sally Golding (Australia / United Kingdom)

Sally Golding combines film projection, lighting and sonic composition to create performances and installations. Golding has developed works where she projects films directly onto her body and harnesses the audience’s reflections, creating live cine-sculptures and interactions. Photographic compositions printed as optical soundtracks and decomposed uprooted vinyl library music, neatly situate Golding’s work at the crossroads of science and superstition, philosophy and pulp. Golding’s projects thread between expanded cinema and media art, curation and audiovisual archiving evolving a practice of ‘hacked cinema’.

Golding curates the expanded cinema and sound art series Unconscious Archives (London), and is co-curator and co-founder of OtherFilm (Australia) dedicated to experimental, expanded and other forms of art. 




Thursday, October 30, 2014 - 10:00


  • Tonalá 261, Roma Sur
    06760   México D.F.
    Phone: (+55) 6276 6060
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