Cineinfinito #4: Joseph Bernard

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Since the 1970s, multimedia artist Joseph Bernard has created over 100 silent Super 8 films that work to radically expand our understanding of cinema as an expressive form. His work offers a rich contribution to traditions of formalist and experimental filmmaking and has often been discussed in terms of—but remains steadfastly irreducible to—qualities of rhythm and color as well as the influences of abstract expressionism, photography, documentary, self-portraiture, and collage. - James R. Hook

Programme: (selected by the author)
- White Film (1978, Super 8, sil, 04:20)
- Ritual (1979, Super 8, sil, 02:42)
- Splices for Sharits (1980, Super 8, sil, 05:27)
- Eye Reels (1980, Super 8, sil, 16:17)
- Night Mix (1982, Super 8, sil, 10:52)
- Variant Chants (1983, Super 8, sil, 15:51)
- Mouth Music (1984, Super 8, sil, 06:39)
- Full Circle (It’s Always Been Around) (1984, Super 8, sil, 14:56)
Screening in digital 2K

Cineinfinito #4: Joseph Bernard

Image Gallery: 

White Film (Joseph Bernard, 1978)
White Film (Joseph Bernard, 1978)



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