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As a filmmaker, curator, author and teacher, Birgit Hein is one of the most important names of the German experimental film. From the late 1960s to the late 1970s, with her then husband Wilhelm Hein, she made some of the most radical works within the so-called structuralist-materialist tradition, in which the film's illusory qualities were rejected and a study of its materiality was instead put in focus.

The show begins with Rohfilm, a film composed of randomly selected movie clips (including perforations and dirt pieces). Thereafter, the last of her structuralist-materialist films, Weissfilm, is composed of non-or only partially exposed crude films that collect scratches, dirt and dust for each view.

Finally, we show Baby I Will Make You Sweat, one of His later works in which she deserted the early experiments to explore other issues. It's a diary movie depicting a trip to Jamaica and a meeting with a younger man. With pictures recorded on Hi-8 and transferred to 16mm, Hein recklessly talks about sexuality and old age.

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Rohfilm (Wilhelm & Birgit Heim, 1968)
Rohfilm (Wilhelm & Birgit Heim, 1968)



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