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OFFoff Cinema: Memories of Nightmares

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Many of the earliest film experiments were later assigned to the horror genre. Horror nails the viewer to his seat, first by the temptation to look and then the relief that it was all fiction. No genre is so inherently parasitic as in the way it physically adheres to the viewer and inevitably makes him break into cold sweat. Not to mention the many parasites that powers the horror genre, from vampires to aliens to zombies. In this program, we look at how experimental filmmakers operate the horror genre, disassembling it to tinker again as if a new Frankenstein.

For example, the multimedia artist Joshua Gen Solondz brings the first Godzilla film with a new cover, while John Smith again uses humour to tell about the day he realized he was being chased by a big black tower. In addition, Peter Tscherkasskhy, Cordula Ditz and Nicolas Provost use different strategies to expose the tricks of the horror film throuh artistic recycling.

- It's not a Prison if you never try the Door (Joshua Gen Solondz, US, 2013, 7', colour, digital)
- Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Cordula Ditz, DE, 2016, 9', colour, digital)
- The Black Tower (John Smith, GB, 1985-1987, 23', b&w, 16mm)
- Long Live the New Flesh (Nicolas Provost, BE, 2009, 14', colour, 35mm)
- Outer Space (Peter Tscherkassky, AT, 1999, 10', b&w, 16mm)


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