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OFFoff Cinema: The Works of Keren Cytter

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The work of the Israelian Keren Cytter focuses on relations, or on the impossibility of relations, as well as the impossibility of authentic film making. Her films constantly reflect on their own creation process, they disenchant, show that the 'magic light' isn't all that magical, but rather a construction - just like relations and sexuality... Cytter never does so with grudge or pessimism, but with playful and humoristic gestures that are touching and convincing. After working and living in Amsterdam and Berlin, she now resides in New York. Cytter shows her work all over the world. She is also involved in plays, writes books and even had her own dance company. During this last screening of the season, Cytter comes to Offoff for an artist talk and a showcase of older and more recent works.


- Game (USA, 2015, 9', colour, digital)
- The Victum (Germany, 2006, 5'30", colour, digital)
- Metamorphosis (USA, 2015, 11', colour, digital)
- French Film (IL, 2002, 12', colour, digital)


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